Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jar Art

Occasionally, usually in a gift situation, I create what I call "jar art". It is a spiritual jar meant to serve as a reminder for the person I create it for. Virgin Mary represents spirituality as a protector against a secular world.

Within the jar are specifically selected pieces that represents various aspects of life. Sometimes some of the pieces will reflect a personal aspect for who the jar is meant for.

With this particular jar, it is a wedding present. The woman getting married, over the years, has supplied me with many special pieces which I have been able to incorporate into my works. She works at a thrift store. Say no more, right?

Here are the pieces included in this jar. Care to guess what each piece represents? The intention is for the jar owner, in a quiet moment, slowly rotate the jar watching the rotating pieces tumble, making a new discovery with each turn.

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