Saturday, May 23, 2009


The boy isn't that very old. He stands on the developmental ladder. A ladder that educators coerced him to climb too early in life. If left alone, he would have climbed the ladder at his own pace and need, happily.

Even at his young age, he is showing some age. Armless. Interesting to a "southpaw" such as myself, it is his left arm.

With his fingerless hand, he holds the vision of his to be adult life. Entrapped in a simple bird cage. Within, as an adult, he is running fruitlessly within the confines of the cage. Within the cage, he hears the incessant ticking of time behind him, while beneath his feet, the game of Monopoly. The game of power, wealth, ownership, poverty, the enriched, chance, opportunity. I've always been interested in the fact, though, no matter how wise one may be, it all comes down to that simple roll of the dice.

But even though he finds himself trapped by the game of Monopoly (life?) and time, his mind can be free. Ironically here, the birds aren't trapped by the cage. They fly free to experience vision, color, imagination, creativity, sense of self couched in humility. The birds, originating from the boy's mind, flying free of the cage, are his thoughts and feelings, dreams. The boy can never truly be caged as he grows into his manhood. If only he early becomes aware of his thoughts and protects them as precious jewels.

Outside the cage, hangs Jesus on the cross. A symbol of spirituality and hope. Ultimately, this is the boy's lifetime "get out of jail free" card. His life of creativity will only meaningfully flourish if his humility grounds him to the fact it is all only a gift given to him to share with the world.

It will be a lifetime struggle with his ego and the world. But a struggle, if won, makes his life here on earth, like heaven.

"Monopolized" can be experienced at ArtWorks today thru June 19th.

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